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Welcome to the change by choice podcast. I’m your host, Charlotte Ferreux and I help purpose driven entrepreneurs build their freedom lives and high value digital businesses as leading experts in their field. I’ve spent the last 20 years gaining the experience and training to help bring you everything you need to make the changes you desire and shift from the inside out. Together, let’s shift your mindset and belief systems, adopt the right habits and disciplines, learn the tactical tools and yes, there will be a little of the “woo woo” thrown in.
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May 29, 2020

Enough is enough. 

I am coming from a place of privilege. 
I will never know what it feels like to be judged solely by the color of my skin.
I will never know what it feels like to live in fear of the people who, to everyone else, are the ones they seek for safety. 
I will never understand what it feels like to overcome prejudice of this nature. 

But I do know suffering. 
I do understand grief.
I do feel extreme pain when I see suffering.
I don’t always know what will help, and I have often felt at a loss for what I can do to help in these horrific situations. 

I do believe we are all one and we are all living a human experience. And if you’ve heard the stories and seen the videos and heard the pleas from George Floyd’s mouth - then I’m sure you felt it as deep to your core as I did. (Along with all of the horrible stories that have led up to this point)

Because I didn’t just see George. 
I also saw Ahmaud.
I saw my children.
I saw your children.
I saw my neighbors.
I saw myself.
I saw you. 

Enough is enough. 

If we want to activate change, it starts with each one of us.
Every action matters, no matter how small. 

It matters how we show up for ourselves.
It matters how we heal.
It matters how we show up in our communities. 

Every time something like this happens, it lights a fire in me and this time, I was compelled to get my thoughts out so I recorded them in this powerful episode. 

May 28, 2020

Whether you're building an online business or working for a company or anything in between, I want you to create something that is truly your own. 


We are so bombarded with incredible information and content and people who inspire us. But where we need to be careful is that line between being inspired and trying to recreate exactly what someone else is doing. And a lot of times, we do it without any intention of it or without even knowing it. It’s really easy to get so inspired that it really just impacts what you are creating. 


I want to share with you my top 5 tips to create content that will feel aligned and have an incredible, ethical base - all while staying in your lane. 



To join the waitlist for Charlotte’s upcoming program, The Shifted Business Academy, and to get connected content and updates head here. 


In the SBA, we help purpose-driven entrepreneurs build their freedom life and high-value digital businesses as leading experts in their field. Our process creates extraordinary results that help individuals and their businesses SHIFT from the inside-out. 

To learn more, you can find it all on and be sure to follow on Instagram @charlotte_ferreux 


For Organizations, you can go straight to or reach out to for all questions about custom team and/or individual packages for coaching and consulting.  Let us know your obstacle or desire for your team and we’ll let you know how we can assist in getting your organization to the next level of success.  

May 14, 2020

I’m baaaaacck!!!!

In this episode, I’m sharing what I’ve been up to in this last year and why I took a hiatus from doing this podcast! I’ve been on quite the deep dive this year and I want to share with you why I am making so many shifts and changes right now in my life and my business. 

And hopefully, inspire you to do some reflecting in terms of how you want to change or how you want to shift moving forward?


To join the waitlist for Charlotte’s upcoming program, The Shifted Business Academy, and to get connected content and updates head here. 

In the SBA, we help purpose-driven entrepreneurs build their freedom life and high-value digital businesses as leading experts in their field. Our process creates extraordinary results that help individuals and their businesses SHIFT from the inside-out. 


To learn more, you can find it all on and be sure to follow on Instagram @charlotte_ferreux 


For organizations, you can go straight to or reach out to for all questions about custom team and/or individual packages for coaching and consulting.  Let us know your obstacle or desire for your team and we’ll let you know how we can assist in getting your organization to the next level of success.  

May 7, 2020

Today, Charlotte sits down with Jasmine Shea - HR expert and neuro linguistic programming practitioner. She’s also a coach for James Wedmore and the founder of Get Hired Meow and her own brand/membership site Your Dinner is Planned. 


Beyond the “on paper” credentials, this girl has so much heart and spirit. Listen in for how to take action in uncertainty, how things are happening “for” us (not TO us) and how a $1000 couch changed Jasmine’s life. 


You can find Jasmine on Instagram at @jazzythings and @yourdinnerisplanned 




To join the waitlist for Charlotte’s upcoming program, The Shifted Business Academy, head here. 


In the SBA, we help purpose-driven entrepreneurs build their freedom life and high value digital businesses as leading experts in their field. Our process creates extraordinary results that help individuals and their businesses SHIFT from the inside-out. 


To learn more, you can find it all on and be sure to follow on Instagram @charlotte_ferreux 

For Organizations, you can go straight to or reach out to for all questions about custom team and/or individual packages for coaching and consulting.  Let us know your obstacle or desire for your team and we’ll let you know how we can assist in getting your organization to the next level of success. 

Jan 3, 2020

This one is a must-listen if you want to feel inspired to live into your BEST life!

Sherry truly is one of the most kind-hearted, connected & present people I have ever met. She has the most beautiful spirit and I am so honored to call her a friend!

We chat about rising up to a greater level of service within our lives, how we make a conscious choice everyday to bring joy and find joy, the connection between joy and sorrow and how they can co-exist and the importance of fostering deep, meaningful connections with yourself and with the people you love.

Dec 20, 2019

Lauren is a Certified High Performance Coach and the co-creator of Mojo Mastery.

I always admire Lauren for her openness and ability to be so vulnerable; we can all learn so much from each other and we connect on such a deeper level when we all let our guards down a little. Lauren did just that in our interview; listen in to hear some amazing tips and coaching on how to push through adversity, how to trust in the process, how to bounce back without guilt or shame when you haven’t been acting as your best self and why finding a deep sense of WHY is the key to it all. 

Dec 2, 2019

Brendon Lundberg is the founder and CEO of Radiant Pain Relief Centres and the author of the Amazon Best Selling book, Radiant Relief, A Case For A Better Solution To Chronic Pain.

His mission is to really change the way chronic pay is both managed and understood, but his message and really our entire conversation is about so much more than just pain. As Brendon said, “it’s about every human’s desire to become a better version of themselves and fight through the thing that is their biggest challenge.”

For Brendon’s clients, that challenge is pain. Pain is a very human experience. We all experience it, whether physical, emotional or metaphorical, but it’s uncomfortable. We hate it. And the natural tendency with things we hate is to avoid. We mask it. We don’t want to deal with it because it doesn’t feel good.

Brendon’s approach goes way beyond short term, band-aid solutions. His revolutionary approach really comes down to retraining the brain.

You can find out more at 

Dec 2, 2019

There’s a story we tell ourselves when we see someone’s successes. We get captivated and we start to make assumptions about the results that we see someone else achieve.

“Oh they’re so lucky”
“Everything must be so easy and fantastic”
“She must just have everything she wants”.

The reality is that regardless of the followers or the success or the results, is that there is still lots of struggle there. It’s not easy by any means; struggle doesn’t just avoid the people who are successful.

Krystal Sutherland is the perfect example; she has 1.3 million Instagram followers and her life and full time career is being an online social media influencer. Krystal joined me for this episode of Rebel and Rise and she got really real about the fact that despite feeling so blessed and grateful for the life and career that she has, it still comes with its share of challenges.

You definitely want to listen to this episode; Krystal gets real about her insecurities and how she’s tackled them, how she balances a full time career with being a mom and a wife, how she’s really stepped into the CEO role of her business over this last year and how working on her own confidence is something she’s most proud of.

May 23, 2019

Whether you are developing yourself as an entrepreneur, starting your own business, leading an MLM or trying to level up your brick and mortar business, a huge part of your business is how you show up on social media. It’s a massive part of the game.

In this episode, I share why showing up on social media is so important and some tips on how you can do it with joy & with purpose to really make an impact on your life and your business. And if you’re the person who already is showing up on social media, some of these tips will really help you take that content, that message and that online presence to the next level!

Jan 25, 2019

I juggle so many different roles in my life - High Performance Coach, Spin Instructor, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur/Business Owner and single mom to two energetic kids.

I’ve been asked quite often, “Charlotte - how do you get so much done?”

In this new episode, I’m going to share with you the 3 things I do to help me get a lot done - the things that help me have such high ambition in my life but here’s the I do it without LOSING MYSELF in the process.

Sure, we can all grind it out and get lots of shit done.
But how can we do that while ALSO maintaining our health, our families and our peace of mind? How can we be ambitious and work towards crushing our goals but also feel centered, fully aligned, peaceful and free?

Dec 7, 2018

In this episode, I sit down with Don Freschi and we talk about something that, quite frankly, makes most people super uncomfortable.


As a successful entrepreneur and businessman, Don really knows his stuff especially when it comes to finances and money. Don breaks down for us:

*Why Cash is King in your business or personal life

*Adopting a stronger mindset when it comes to money and eliminating your ego

*Why knowing your numbers each month is crucial

*Prioritizing your goals

*The biggest mistake Don has made in his years as an entrepreneur

*How to know if YOU would make a successful entrepreneur

Whether you own a business or not, there are tips in this episode for all walks of life! 

Aug 30, 2018

Anger. Frustration. Your blood starts to boil. You feel triggered and extremely unsettled.

How do you typically react in those situations?
And how do you typically feel afterwards about yourself and the way you handled it?


Not everything around anger is bad. We think it is, because usually when we are angry we react and respond in a way that isn’t aligned with our best selves and leaves us feeling badly about ourselves. But if we can learn to take some space between how we are feeling and how we are reacting, and if we really start to use that fire and frustration to fuel us moving forward, then it can be a powerful thing.


Anger in our lives CAN be a good thing. It can do us some service. In this episode, I want to start to break down how to USE those times where we are triggered, angry and frustrated and channel it in a way that’s going to produce a powerful and positive outcome in our lives. We can turn use those situations that anger us so much and bring some purpose into it; we can use that fire to create the life we want and really stand up for the things we deserve in our lives.

Aug 23, 2018

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve wanted to do something or make a change or take some action….


But the mere thought of what you could possibly LOSE in the process stops you dead in your tracks?

The reality is that yes, in the process of making changes and reaching our goals and pushing ourselves forward, we have to do things we’ve never done (otherwise we’d already be there). And part of that sometimes means we have to give up certain things in our lives.

It’s a scary thought, though, especially when we are so ATTACHED to some of these things. The thought of having to give things up brings up so much fear that we just do nothing; the fear wins.

In this episode, we tackle what some of those fears are that come up for us when we feel like we’re going to lose something in the process of making a change or reaching a goal. I’ll share a few tips on how you can actually start tackling those fears and how you can gain more confidence in your ability to push through those fears so that you can start living the life you really want.

Because on the other side of those fears? Is your desired life.

Aug 16, 2018

Have you ever watched and noticed how elite athletes prepare themselves, mentally and physically, before their games and competitions? The focus, determination, drive and discipline required is admirable.

Take a step back and evaluate your life right are a player in that game. And that game is happening every single day.
We are handed a blank slate every single day, and yet we don’t put in that same amount of preparation, focus, determination? We don’t have that same discipline in what is, truthfully, the most important “game” - our lives. We are taking that time for granted.

In this episode, I really want to challenge you to evaluate your life and start to think about training for each day of your life like athletes train for their competitions.

This is your game. How you choose to play it out is totally up to you. You can do more and have more and do better. You don’t have to be an athlete to apply the same disciplines and habits and focus; you can do everything that they do. You can lean on the same habits. The recipe for success is there - you just need to start viewing your life a little bit differently.

Aug 9, 2018

You’re working so hard.
You feel like you are so clear on what you’re working towards.
You are taking the right steps and making smart choices to push yourself forward.

And aren’t seeing any progress.
You aren’t seeing that hard work amount to anything.
You don’t feel like you’re any closer to those goals.

You feel frustrated.
Discouraged to no end.

Listen, I get it. I have been there so many times I can’t even count and I have really had to self-coach and lean on the tools I teach in terms of High Performance coaching to get myself through those tough times.

But it’s not easy; to feel like you’re taking all the right steps but yet not seeing the results happen.
It’s so discouraging.

Every single successful person in this world has been through this; what’s the difference between those who just give up and allow those feelings of frustration to take over and those who charge ahead, through those bad feelings, ultimately reaching those goals?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ll tell you what I coach on and what has worked in my own life!

In this episode of the Change by Choice show, I’m going to give you a few tools and strategies that I use, and I hope you can too, when I’m feeling that discouragement when pushing towards a goal in my life

Aug 2, 2018

Hands up if this is you...You walk away from a sales experience and you just feel GROSS? They certainly didn’t get your business, and you definitely won’t be in a hurry to return.

Yup...we’ve all been there.

If you’re in sales in any regard:

💲selling is your full time job

💲you run your own MLM

💲you are a leader or CEO

💲you’re trying to sell your thoughts or ideas as a thought-leader

Then you’re going to want to listen to this podcast...because it’s time we step away from those slimy, sleazy sales tactics.

If you’re NOT in a traditional “sales” role, you’re going to want to listen too. Because truth is, we are ALL selling something...everyday you are trying to influence someone, persuade someone or try to share your information or point of view with someone. Whether it’s convincing your spouse that going ahead with that kitchen reno is a great decision or trying to sell your children on the importance of doing their homework each night - we are constantly in a place of trying to “sell” and sometimes, we fall into methods and habits that just don’t work.

It’s time we start to explore what it means to nurture and develop strong relationships. Because if you really want long term wins and long term success….it’s going to come from developing those relationships and acting with integrity and in congruence with your best self.

I break it all down for you in this week’s episode: Episode 55: How to Sell Without Being Salesy. 

**If you haven’t listened to Episode 53 yet, check that one out connects so well to this one and is all about how our PEOPLE are our greatest assets**

Jul 19, 2018

Leaders - listen up!

Whether you lead a team within your business, within an MLM, within a volunteer organization or even within your family…

Your PEOPLE are your greatest ASSET.

Are you treating them that way?

Because those people that you pay to do work for you? They aren’t just means to an end.

They are human beings.
They are connected to other people.
They go home to families .

How you treat them, how you set them up for success, how you listen to them and be present with them and effectively lead them affects how they feel when they go home.

Which affects their relationships. It affects their health. It affects how they show up for other people.

Your choices and your actions have a ripple effect; especially when you’re in a leadership role and you need to take that seriously.

You can either be part of a process that builds up healthy human beings or part of a process that breaks human beings down.

The choice is yours. Listen to this episode for my thoughts on this; why your people aren’t just part of your business, they ARE your business, why it’s so important and how you can start to shift in the right direction.

Jul 12, 2018

Attention all business owners: whether it be online, brick and mortar, MLM…don’t let this cost you another penny...or more so, your reputation as a leader😵

→ Are you hiring effectively for your team?

We all know what happens when we have the wrong people in the wrong roles within our teams. We all know what having high turnover does for the health of your business (not to mention the time and money it costs you)

So how can you start to level up this process? How can you start to be more strategic and really hire effectively? So that you create a team that’s fulfilled, that’s happy and that’s committed to the success of your business.

In this episode, I’m going to walk you through the hiring framework that I implement and train businesses on. And I want you to really analyze what you’re currently doing when it comes to hiring, where the gaps are and where you can start to make some changes.

Because your people are your strongest asset. And how you recruit, hire and set those people up for success is the most important thing.


Jul 5, 2018

[Getting personal on the podcast!!]

If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories over the last couple of weeks (@charlotte_ferreux), you’ll know that I’ve started a bit of a new health journey.

In this week’s episode, I’m getting real personal and breaking it down for you.
How did I fall off track, the slow decline that my health took (despite my knowledge and best intentions), what my doctor finally said that was the wake up call I needed, and what I’ve been changing and shifting in my life to move myself forward.

We all struggle with our health; it ebbs and flows and none of us is perfect. I hope you can relate to some of my struggles and what I went through and hopefully apply some of the lessons I have learned into your own journey as well.

And I would love to hear from you! What can you relate to? What have you experienced? What are you struggling with right now? Reach out to me on

And if you really want to dig into this, come join us in the EDGE Insider because our theme for August is the “HEALTHY BODY”. Click the link to join:

Jun 28, 2018

There’s a reason why your mind gets to a place where it’s filled with more negative chatter. It stems from something. And that negative chatter connects to negative feelings, which in turn affects our physical health and our mental health. And the cycle continues. Everything connects together; you can’t have a healthy body with an unhealthy mind.

In this episode, let’s talk through what it really means to have an unhealthy mind and some habits you can implement to start building up that healthy mind and help you feel better, more vibrant and generate the energy you want in your life.

We are doing a whole month in the EDGE insider on this topic for the month of July, and we have experts in different fields that will be igniting this conversation even further on what it truly means to have a healthy mind, how we can achieve one, and how the foods we eat and the physiology of our bodies affects the state of our minds. We have lots of live trainings scheduled up for July, as well as our monthly magazine. I’d love to have you join us! Click here for the details:

Jun 7, 2018

In honor of my 50th episode, I wanted to share with you one of my defining moments in my life. It also happens to be a moment I was incredibly embarrassed to share for a long time in my 20’s. But I love sharing things now that are connected to huge learning’s and so, I’m going to share it with you :) Actually I’m excited I went through this, and I realize now that I learned so many lessons from the experience that really have shaped me into who I have become.

So let me share my experience with that hopefully, you can apply the lessons to your own life, or use my bad experience to help you never have to go through it yourself.

May 31, 2018

Are you productive? Or just busy? Here’s the difference.

Productivity feels like progress. It moves you forward, closer to your goals. You end the day feeling satisfied, fulfilled and accomplished without feeling frustrated, exhausted or burned out.

Busy feels like chaos. You end the day feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, as if you’ve been running all day, putting out fires and playing catch up but you can’t really think of what you actually got accomplished that day.

Busy is addicting….many of us get addicted to that chaos. We get addicted to the fast pace, going all the time, tricking ourselves into believing that we are super productive. But are we really doing anything in those times? And are we doing the right things?

In this episode, I’m going to walk you through how to identify if you’re productive or if you’re just busy and a few ways you can move forward in a more productive way.

For more training and tools, join us in the EDGE Insider here:

May 10, 2018

Change by Choice…it’s not just my brand and my business, but it’s really the root of how I live my life.When you want to change - it's just a series of choices. When you don't want to change - you don't make those choices.

One choice at a time.

Sounds simple….and it is. But complicated at the same time….because this is LIFE. Life is complicated. It’s never a simple path, it’s never as easy as it looks on paper.

So how DO we make change in our life?
Yes, it starts with our choices.

But in this episode of the Change by Choice show, let’s take it a few steps farther. I’ll break down for you what I feel are the 3 crucial pieces to creating lasting change in your life.

And if you really want to develop a strong mindset to help you create change in your life, I invite you to become an EDGE Insider. We are doing a live training call with Q&A this month based all around mindset; this would be a perfect time to jump in! You can check out the details here: Become an Edge Insider

Apr 27, 2018

When we feel jealous or bitter or envious, it’s usually because that other person has made a step and done something that you COULD have done if you hadn’t chosen the things you had chosen right now.  

And when those feelings come up, it’s a strong indication that something isn’t aligned for you within your own life.

In this week’s podcast, we tackle this: jealousy and envy and how you can really use those emotions as fuel and motivation to push your own needle forward in your life.

Apr 20, 2018

We’ve all felt pain; it’s part of what makes us so incredible as human beings. The scope of emotions that we go through, both good and bad, that tells the stories of our lives. And while we can’t control the painful situations that happen to us, we can control what we do with them.

Remain caged. Broken. Bitter. Trapped in the prison of the experiences you have been through.

Or we can become find freedom. Gratitude. Release. Charged by the experiences you have been through to push forward in a stronger capacity.

And, like everything in life, it’s a choice. I’m not saying it’s an easy choice, but a choice. It is possible for you if you have a little faith in the process.

In this episode, let’s break down what it really takes to go from caged and trapped by our experiences to that freedom; to that place where we can use our painful past to really build ourselves a stronger future moving forward. Listen to episode 46: Using Past Pain to Build Stronger Futures over on itunes, spotify or podcast addict.  

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